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CircX Immersive Entertainment Company

CIRCX is the source for bold, sophisticated, and fantastic entertainment.  Based in Miami, CircX has travelled the globe with their signature immersive theatrics and entertainment.  Directed by award-winning Creative Producer and founder, Diana Lozano, each performance is dedicated to creating unique, cutting-edge entertainment that is not afraid to push boundaries. 

Throughout the past two decades, CircX has been sought out by some of the world's most innovative brands, for their creativity, audacity and authenticity.  They have evolved as a strong ensemble of inter-actors, dancers, and circus artists.  All locally based talent, they incorporate contemporary dance, corporeal mime, European clowning, magic and burlesque to create compelling performances that are wild, intense and unapologetically funny. 

Since its inception in 2002,  the company has expanded beyond its roots in interactive street theatre and nightlife entertainment to embrace the latest in immersive technology as well as theatrical & event production design. 

In addition to the magic CircX creates for its clients, they have dozens of self-produced works from full evening theatrical productions to immersive attractions and experiential activations.  Click on the button below to check out the full list of creative services that Circ X has to offer.


"We started out in the nightclubs.  There is something exhilarating about that raw, visceral energy that comes from working in those environments; a sense of abandon.  It gives you the license to really take risks and explore how far you can engage with people, nudge em a bit outside their comfort zone.  However coming from a conservatory theatre program I thought , 'what would happen if you took that same energy and harnessed it, combined it with the work ethic and discipline of a conservatory trained professional... and so' that's what we are."

Scare Actor Miami
He Man Tosh. O with CircX performers
Angelo Model with Circ X Performers

Pioneers in the immersive entertainment trend, CircX first introduced their signature interactive entertainment back in 2002.  Twenty years ago, when clients looked for atmospheric entertainment most agencies were limited to go-go dancers or promotional models in costumes.  

CircX offers a different approach.  Unlike an entertainment agency, CircX functions as a performance ensemble with dedicated conservatory-trained performers in physical theatre and contemporary dance.


Their talent is passionate about environmental performance and immersive theatre techniques. Their artists never simply stroll around in costume, rather they fully commit to the circumstances and characters they embrace. 

He Man Angelo from Tosh. O with CircX performer


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