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Knight New Work Circ X

Diana Lozano, Creative Director for Circ X, is awarded the Knights New Work

Inspired by the resilience and creativity displayed by Artists during the pandemic, earlier this year the Knight 

Foundation announced Knight New Work 2020. The open call sought ideas from Miami artists to create new works that reimagine how the performing arts are created and experienced during the pandemic and beyond.

Diana Lozano Wins Knights Arts Challenge
Circ X Wins the Knights Arts Challenge Award



With thousands of submissions to the Knight Art Challenge this past year, Circ X was one of the lucky 49 arts organizations to receive a grant from the John S. and the James L. Knight Foundation.  This matching grant will aid us in creating Miami's First Resident Cabaret at the Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theater.


Lollipop Aerialist Miami

Circ X is Amazing and Deserves a Residency

Our second installment of the Cabaret at the Gleason, opened to rave reviews from the critiques and audiences a like. This time we took bigger risks and hired a bigger cast.  It proved to be a truely entertaining and provocative evening. 

Lollipop Aerialist Miami

Miami could become the next big cabaret city thanks to Circ X, the Fillmore and the John S. and the James L. Knight Foundation.

This past summer Circ X premiered it's first instalment of their Miami-centric cabaret show at the Gleason Room at the Fillmore at the Jackie Gleason Theater to a packed house and rave reviews. 

CircX wins Biz Bash Readers Choice Award
Circ X Wins Biz Bash Readers Choice for Entertainment Act of the Year


Over 20 thousand Bizbash Readers voted for event professionals in 12 categories.  Circ X took home the crystal trophy for Entertainment Act of the Year!  

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