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Scare Actor South Florida

THE NOTHING | Part of the Here and Now Festival 

In 2018, Diana Lozano, Creative Producer for CircX was commissioned to create a solo performance piece for the Miami Light Projects' yearly Here and Now Festival. 

This being the second commission for the Here and Now Festival, (the first one being in 2007), Diana took a detour from her usual colourful cabaret-style productions to explore a deeper and darker side.  

In this introspective piece, she explores death and our collective ideas about the afterlife or lack thereof.  Interviewing people from 6 different Faiths,  she examines how their cultural and religious upbringing influence how they imagine consciousness after death. 

Incorporating Butoh Dance, Aerial Silks and glass walking, she performs against a backdrop of video interviews juxtaposed with scientific journal narrations as well as celestial and graveyard imagery. 

Butoh Aerial Peromance CircX Miami Florida
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