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Living Statues Entertainment Hand Painted Marble


From classic stone marble to more surreal creations CircX's hand-painted living statues create a hauntingly beautiful display. 


Either as event greeters or immersed throughout the landscape, their living statues will enchant your guests. 


Frozen in position, they may surprise you if you come too close.  Alternatively, they can move ethereally to create the perfect ambience.

Gold, Bronze, Patina or Marble are some of the most popular requests.  However, custom-branded creations in any colour can be made by CircX's team of talented artists. 

Whether you are looking for a realistic hand-painted living statue or a more Avant-guard interpretation, we can make it happen.  Some popular choices are marble finish, solid gold and patina, however, we can create a living human sculpture in any colour of the rainbow to fit your theme or colour scheme.

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