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A pioneer in interactive event entertainment and performance, Diana Lozano, Creative Director for CircX, works with some of the greatest minds in production.  From collaborating with art directors to full-service production houses, Creative Producer, Diana Lozano has transformed event spaces into surreal wonder scapes.


Catapulting the immersive performance trend to the next level by integrating live performance with bespoke set design and immersive technologies.  By using the latest in holographic projection, video mapping, intelligent lighting and motion capture, we create dynamic environments and interactive play-scapes. 


From ideation to realisation, allow our team to take your concept and re-imagine an experiential playground for your product launch, corporate event or any celebration. Let our creative vision, inspired costuming, dynamic set designs and fearless interactive performers transport you and your guest to the immersive world you envisioned.

Bride stares at her wilting bouquet in an immerisive production Miami Florida


In 2020 the world stopped.  The pandemic ripped through our entertainment industry as events everywhere were indefinitely postponed or outright canceled.  Weddings, graduations and other milestone celebrations were held on zoom or other online and remote platforms.  We lost that human connection and some thought events as we knew them, may never return.

When approached by CaterSource Chair, Chad Everett, (of Galaxy Productions) to collaborate on creating an immersive experience for the closing night celebration, we decided to make the pandemic the catalyst for the production. 

The evening began with audiences entering an expected over-the-top celebration complete with laser light shows, high-energy party music and a live Emcee.  Suddenly the power cut out, dancers froze and news of the lockdown was projected on all the screens.  

Immersive Performance Instalation in Miami Florida

Upon pulling back the curtain, guests were invited to enter a world turned upside down.  Chairs were thrown about the space, as a lone bride, stared into her wilting bouquet. 


The entire space was animated with surreal performance instillations, as a spoken word artist delivered a custom-written poem against a soundscape of white noise and static. 

Although unsettling at first, the surreal production quickly evolved into an optimistic and cheerful celebration.  Sound, lighting and choreography transitioned to create a festive performance landscape.  Guest left delighted and inspired as they were escorted into the gala celebration by the troupe of whimsical CircX interactive dancers and performers. 


Immersive Event Production in Miami Florida

Whether you are looking to transform an indoor event space or an outdoor public park,  our dedicated team of professionals can make it happen.  We incorporate the latest cutting edge technology in event design and entertainment. 

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