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Conceived in South Florida but producing worldwide, CircX offers a wide range of creative entertainment services to fit any event need.  Whether you are looking for an entire concept design or just need to fill in some spots,  creative producer, Diana Lozano and the CircX ensemble have the skills, tenacity, and artistic vision to make it happen. 


With over 2 decades in the industry, CircX has created and produced for a wide variety of clients, including large-scale music and art festivals, Fortune 500 companies and global brands. 

In addition to the magic they create for clients, they also have a repertoire original of self-produced works; including everything from full evening theatrical spectaculars and intimate cabaret shows to immersive attractions and experiential activations.  Click the buttons below to discover the creative services CircX offers.  

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Pioneers in the industry, CircX is the originator of truly immersive interactive entertainment. Back in 2002, when CircX first began, entertainment agencies only offered specific acts, costumed go-go dancers or models. Conservatory-trained clown and physical theatre artist, Diana Lozano, saw there was an opportunity to do something more.

Different from an agency, CircX was formed as a theatrical troupe of like-minded artists and performers who shared a passion for immersive theatre; long before it was a trend.  Incorporating street theatre, corporeal mime, contemporary dance, European clowning, magic and burlesque, CircX creates an immersive spectacle that is wild, intense and outrageously funny.

That being said, however; performances can be calibrated to fit any occasion. From sophisticated galas to secret speakeasies, our professionally trained artists will enhance any affair.  Click the buttons below to learn more about our unique approach to event entertainment. 



CircX performers are not only all classically trained artists, but they share a passion for immersive theatre and interactive entertainment. 

Whether balancing on a tight rope or hanging from the rafters, theatre remains the foundation of our artistry. Breaking the fourth wall, they invite audiences into their madness, magic and mischief.

If you're looking to inject some whimsy into your next celebration, allow CircX to deliver an unforgettable experience.  Click the buttons below to find out more about what they specialise in. 

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"Let [em] make you smile
Let [em] do a few tricks
Some old and then some new tricks
[they're] very versatile..."

-Stephen Sondheim

From brand new creations to some of the classics, CircX offers a varied range of speciality acts to choose from, click on the buttons below to find out more.

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A dark tavern, grand arena, intimate theatre, art gallery, opera house, shopping mall or even the streets, CircX has brought its signature brand of immersive entertainment and production to venues far and wide.  In addition to their self-produced works, below are some of the events CircX caters to.

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In addition to public events such as film|art|music festivals, rock concerts and theatrical presentations, CircX is also available for a wide range of private celebrations and events. 


From children's parties to more 'adult' affairs, CircX is available for virtually any occasion.  See some examples below. 

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