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Cabaret Show in Miami Florida

"One part circus, two parts burlesque, a pinch of class and a dash of trash", has been our tag line since we took to the stage in 2002.  Twenty years later, we are still rocking them near and far. 


From intimate supper clubs, to under the big top, CircX has produced dozens of Cabaret and Burlesque reviews for audiences of all ages.  




Respect performance Cabaret Production in Miami Florida

" CircX uses satire and sexuality to create customised, choreographed performances that are wild, intense and outrageously funny." 


Burleque Show in Miami Florida
Dominatrix Performance Miami Florida


" This group is far sexier, far wilder and more provocative than group of big breasted blondes with screwed on smiles...can you handle that?"

Bringing our unique twist to the classic feather routines and chair dance choreographies, we deliver a spectacle that far exceeds your typical cabaret experience.  Titillating choreographies infused with comedy, satire and social commentary is our most popular recipe. 


So, if you are looking for a basic fan dance or sexy striptease,  CircX is probably not your best choice. Audacious and provocative, our shows are sought by audiences that are looking for both sensual and intellectual stimulation.  True to its original denotation, burlesque, means to make fun of and sex is just one of the vehicles. 

Known for our fearless approach to entertainment, CircX is sought out by brands that resonate with the following archetypes: Jester, Rebel, Creator and Explorer.  However, we have delighted clients from across the spectrum including; Art Basel, Ikea, Red Bull, Shaq's Fun House, Live Nation and the Miami Book Fair.   

Dominatrix Performer and Dancer in Burlesque Production Miami Florida
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