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Club Kids and Party Performers in Miami


2005 - 2010


The brainchild of General Manager, James Recio, Cosplay at Sushi Samba was a weekly themed late-night party at Sushi Samba Dromo on South Beach. 


Inspired by the fashion sub-culture of the Harajuku district in Japan,  Recio set out to create a nightlife experience that inspired guests to dress up in outlandish costumes every week.  Every Tuesday night from spring of 2005 till the fall of 2010, this high-end restaurant was transformed into a discotheque, reminiscent of the early 90's club kid era on South Beach. 


CircX was hired to provide our signature interactive entertainment and encourage guests to join in with our outrageous antics. In addition to crawling on the furniture and surprising dining guests table-side, we also produced choreographed shows and flash mobs. 


* In charge of providing a weekly rotating cast of immersive dancers and character actors and managing all talent throughout each night. 

* Co-ordinating and collaborating with subcontracted guest artists and interfacing them into the entertainment schedule.

* Designing and Fabricating custom-themed costumes for all special events or holiday celebrations. 

* Choreographing and directing stage shows and variety acts as well as creating and organising flash mobs for special occasions.  

Aliene Performers at Sushi Samba Cosplay
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