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Graduating with a Distinction, Oliver Andrew holds a Master of Arts Degree from Falmouth University, in Creative Events Management.  For over a decade he has been a pivotal member of the CircX ensemble, both as a Production and Events Manager as well as an Entertainment Coordinator. 

From production design and execution, to talent scouting and management, Mr. Andrew's expertise in production and creative events, continues to elevate CircX as the foremost entertainment and production company, setting new standards for excellence and innovation in the industry. 


In addition to his proficiency in Design and Production Management,  Mr. Andrew holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Southampton Solent University in Film and Television Studies.  This comprehensive educational background equips him with a holistic understanding of various facets of production, ranging from lighting and acting to an astute eye for cinematography. This well-rounded knowledge complements his expertise in talent scouting, event execution, and innovative production design, making him a dynamic force in the entertainment industry.

Production Manager Event Manager Enteartainment Coordinator
Man Playing Electric Guitar  with Blowing Hair

P.S.  He also plays a mean guitar... ;) 

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