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Immersive Performers Dressed as Flamingos
Nikki Beach Entertainment



Contributed to Nikki Beach, a premier luxury beach

club brand with a global presence, renowned for its fusion of music dining, entertainment, fashion film and art. 

Since 2004, CircX has periodically delivered distinctive entertainment experiences both domestically and internationally.  In 2017, Diana Lozano, Creative Producer for CircX assumed the role of Entertainment Director and Costume Designer at the Nikki Beach Flagship Miami Beach location. 


* Collaborating closely with the marketing division to craft Nikki-inspired costumes that epitomized the brand's essence for weekly residencies, special events, and themed celebrations.

* Assembling a dedicated ensemble of performers and imparting our unique immersive entertainment styles through comprehensive training. 

* Revitalizing the live entertainment paradigm by transitioning from traditional 'go-go' dancers to immersive and interactive experiences, enhancing engagement and enjoyment. 


Further, I was instrumental in delivering captivating entertainment for private events at Nikki Beach Miami, a responsibility extending beyond in-house gatherings to encompass corporate celebrations and private parties.  These exclusive events spanned the beach club premises and the upstairs nightclub venue, Pearl.

An example is this bespoke event entertainment created for French Tuesdays Annual Bastille Day Celebration, as seen in this video.