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An extra, secondary production associated with a circus, carnival or fair, side shows historically featured "working acts" that featured everything from magic tricks to daredevil stunts. 

Human blockhead, bed of nails, glass walking, a variety of fire stunts and even sexy "hootchie-kootchie" acts all form part of the Side Show repertory.  


CircX elevates this art form by incorporating acrobatics, magic and story-telling.  Whether you are looking for a singular visual stunt or a curated evening of performances, CircX sideshow performers can add a bit of edge-of-your-seat theatrics to your next affair. 

Acrobat balances on Bed of Nails Miami Florida
Fire Performer CircX Shaqs Fun House Miami
Knife Juggler on Bed of Nails Miami Florida


You've probably seen a 'freak show' performer lay down on a bed of nails before.  But have you seen one balance a full-grown man while juggling knives?  This is just one example of how we step it up at CircX. 

Freak Show Performer Miami Florida
Side Show Freak Show Miami Florida


Another staple in the 'freak show' entertainment world, the Human Block Head act is where a side show performer hammers a six-inch nail through their nose to the back of their skull. 


For an even greater effect, try an electric drill. 

** Strictly done by professionals, never try this at home. 

Grinder Girl Performer Grinder Performer  Miami Florida


More fun with power tools, have our Grinder artists perform a human firework spectacle. 


Strictly performed by professionals, the performer wears a custom costume made of metal plates and then uses an industrial grinder to create a spectacular light show. 


A perfect alternative for when fire performance is not allowed at the venue or event space; book a grinder performer to wow your guests. 

Freak Show Miami Florida

However, our 'freak' is not limited to the stunts we perform, rather, it's who we are.  Never part of the status quo, CircX is often referred to as the mischievous black sheep of the entertainment industry.  We thrive on taking risks and marching to the beat of our own drum.  If you are truly looking for an unforgettable event experience, the CircX performance troupe should be your number one choice.

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