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CircX does not just stroll around in pretty costumes.  Their conservatory-trained character actors and contemporary dancers will fearlessly interact with your guests.  Each artist has classically trained in the CircX signature style of interactive performance that fuses physical theatre techniques with improvisation and audience participation. 

Whether you are looking for a traditional non-speaking mime or a more surreal character, CircX talent will leave an indelible impression.  That being said, they can always calibrate each performance to suit you or your client's needs; from an atmospheric display to more aggressive full-contact interaction.


With thousands of in-stock costumes to choose from, CircX surely has roving entertainment to fit your vision.  Costumes can be also customised to the events’ theme or colour scheme and further embellished with their signature light-up accessories. 



Immersive Character Actor In Rainbow Chihuly Costume


In addition to the traditional clowns and mimes, CircX offers a wide array of themed costumed performers for your event.  From whimsical creatures to fabulous divas, they fully commit to their roles.

" Our performers are not always aggressive, sometimes they can actually be quite shy ;) ..."

CIRCX- Diana Lozano

Wizard of Oz Sexy Costumes

" Our performers are not always aggressive, sometimes they can actually be quite shy ;) ..."

"... or sometimes they can get a bit cheeky,  but what they wont do is simply stand around smiling.  We like to inject a sense of play and whimsy into all of our engagements. I believe that is what really sets us apart from other 'entertainment 'companies in the industry.  We are not just party performers, but conservatory trained actors"

CIRCX - Diana Lozano

Charlie Chaplin and Marylin Monroe Impersonators Miami Florida

" It does not matter if they are portraying actual people, animals or some bizarre creature..."

CIRCX - Diana Lozano

" ...our performers are trained to fully commit and never break character."

CIRCX - Diana Lozano

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