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Mad Tea Party Childrens Entertainment


Whimsical and sophisticated, CircX offers the best entertainment for all audiences, including the kiddos.    


Whether you are a child or a child at heart,  CircX can bring joy and whimsy to your kids' birthday party, B mitzvah, sweet sixteen, quinceañera, or any 


CircX had dozens of popular themes from Alice in Wonderland to Willy Willy Wonka, however, they are best known for their original creations. 


No matter your theme or colour scheme, the CircX team of costume fabricators and designers can realise even the most fantastic vision. 

Perfect for photo ops, CircX has the most extravagantly lavish costuming that will provide the perfect backdrop for your little one.  

If you are really wanting to stand out and throw a unique celebration, let your imagination be your only limit.  

Their professional immersive character performers coupled with their fanciful costumed creations will surely leave an unforgettable impression. 

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TicTok Dancers Costumes Children's Party Entertainment Miami


Especially amongst the tweens and teens, in the recent years, the TicTok social media platform has exploded in popularity,    Due to this craze, CircX created original Tic Tok inspired character dancers, stilt walkers and hoopers, specifically for children's party entertainment.  

Perfect for any TicTok themed party or event, these whimsical costumed performers will frolic with your guest and provide for unique photo ops and of course one of a kind Tic Tok videos. 

Keeping up with the trends, CircX performers are up to date with the latest  dances on the platform.  For an even bigger impact, hire the mobile TicTok trailer equipped with a multitude of backdrops and ring lights perfect for creating your viral Tic Tok.  Set up your phone and go at it solo, with your friends or even invite the CircX dancers and immersive performers to join. 


Another crowd pleaser is the Stilt Walker with a Marionette.  Sometimes referred to as the living marionette or human marionette, this act can either be done with a professional mime or a trained ballerina.  

The duo strolls throughout the event performing their cheeky antics while stopping to take pictures with the guest.

Costumes can be styled to fit any theme or colour scheme, from primary vibrants to soft pastels.  Specific characters and themes are also a possibility.   A popular combo is the Mad Hatter Puppeteer with a Marionette dressed as Alice, for Alice in Wonderland-themed parties. 

Living Marionette Human Marionette with Stilt Walker Puppeteer in Miami .


Stand out from the rest of the crowd, and have CircX entertain at your child's party with one of their unique characters.  

CircX character performers are all extensively trained in physical comedy, and theatrical improvisation.  They will fearlessly engage with adults and children alike.  

If you are truly looking to put on a one-of-a-kind celebration, CircX is the perfect addition to your event. They may not do balloon animals or face painting, but they will surely leave you with a lasting smile. 

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