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Free Standing Lollipop Lyra Miami


Want to add an aerialist to your next event but don't have the space for a large rig or the ability to rig from the ceiling.  Our free-standing lollipop Lyra or sometimes call pole aerial hoop, is a great alternative.  

It sets up in under 20 minutes and allows for dynamic or atmospheric displays. It can be used for a multi-artist choreographed show or for durational atmospheric performances. 

If you are limited by space,  this apparatus can fit low ceiling heights (11ft.) However, it can also be extended for taller spaces.  Don't give up on your vision for an aerialist at your event, just because there is nowhere to hang them. 


This free-standing aerial hoop features a small footprint of just 5' diameter on its circular base.  Elevated to one foot, this base also provides for a great stage, perfect for other dancers to use while the featured artist breaks. For either an indoor hotel ballroom or an outdoor event space, our free-standing, spinning, lollipop Lyra is your ideal solution. 

Free Standing Lollipop Lyra on a Yacht


Totally possible with our free-standing hoop.  The lollipop's extendable legs, make for easy stabilisation even in rocky waters.  So if you thought this type of spectacle for your nautical event was a no-go, with this apparatus, it's totally possible. In fact, the pole gives excellent support for other dancers and pole acrobats to also use.


Looking for an, even more, epic spectacle?  Why not give our Ring of Fire act a spin.  We can customise the lollipop spinning Lyra with fire attachments.  Perfect for outdoor events this act features a trained aerialist and fire performer. Be mesmerised as she elegantly twists and contorts her body all whilst playing with fire. 

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